Innovative LLM Services with Meta’s Llama
“Look no-beyond”

We, in association with Meta, are geared to assist you on your journey in engineering AI driven solutions to enhance your business models. We provide customized solutions in LLM (Llama2/3, etc.) to our valued customers across different verticals. Our motto is to help corporates explore Llama capabilities and develop & refine LLM models to seamlessly integrate into the business applications.

Our Llama offerings are being designed to visualize, strategize and provide sustainable AI solutions using Llama LLM derivatives. We can help you build or wrap solutions around Llama either on your premise or through various inference API endpoints. We also work with several open-source LLMs such as those available through Hugging Face and other established repositories.

Our AI/ML expertise should help you stay relevant to the fast-changing business landscape and rising customer expectations for different business scenarios such as:

Conversational AI/Chatbots

Create chatbots that can understand and respond to user queries in a conversational manner.

Text summarization

Summarize long documents, articles, and other text-based content into shorter summaries.

Content generation

Used to generate content such as articles, blog posts, and social media updates.

Social Media Monitoring

Used to monitor social media conversations and analyse sentiment, topics, and trends.

Data analysis and summarization

Extract key insights from complex texts, prepare reports, and answer data-driven questions.

Classification and categorization

Able to classify and categorize content.

“We make Llama run efficiently”

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