Artificial Intelligence Center 0f Excellence

Cutting-Edge AI Technologies and Methodologies

We leverage advanced technologies

We combine machine learning, NLP and deep learning algorithms

We develop innovative solutions that solve complex business challenges

Data-Driven AI Solutions for Businesses

Data-Driven AI Solutions that empower businesses to make smarter decisions, automate processes and enhance customer experience.

We enable harnessing the power of Data Analytics and AI Algorithms

Innovative AI Research and Development

Explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of AI

Do it one-step at a time building MVPs, POCs and POVs

AI - Solution Approaches

Secure On-Prem or Private Cloud based Solutions

Backend Services for

Security and Compliance Concerns restrict the AIML Solution to be behind a firewall On-Premise or on Private Cloud

Open-Source based solutions in the Cloud

Backend Services for
OpenAI and Copilot

Asset 124

Cloud based solutions Still need relevant care and concern about scalable architecture being cost conscious

Innovative LLM Services with Meta’s Llama
“Look no-beyond”

Quadwave, in association with Meta, is focused on providing AI, Gen AI consulting services and customized solutions in Llama to our valued customers across different verticals. We, at Quadwave, believe in helping corporates explore Llama capabilities and develop/refine LLM models to seamlessly integrate into the business applications. We have developed various domain specific LLM solutions for our clients including financial service majors, IT service majors and others.

Strategize AI Adoption with Llama


We love to understand your business objectives & will smoothen your AI journey using various LLMs including Llama.

Customized Business Solutions in Llama


We have a deep understanding of customers’ unique requirements and are capable of providing tailored Generative solutions in Llama to meet their needs.

Reliable Technical Support in Llama


We know the AI technical challenges, understand the nuances & best practices and will guide you overcome.

Unlock & Transform Microsoft Copilot Potential "Copilot your Business"

Quadwave has built competencies in Microsoft CoPilot services, which enables us to build conversational and business process solutions for our customers. We are equipped to understand your business requirements better and provide you sustainable business process solutions by channelizing organization’s digital assets. Our AI consultants can help your service team to find accurate information at the right time to solve problems faster and empower Business Leaders with actionable insights for strategic, service-driven business growth.

Strategize Microsoft Copilot Adoption

We, being a Microsoft shop, have experimented & leveraged Microsoft Copilot and other aligned technologies to provide seamless integration with an organization’s business processes and Line of Business (LoB) applications. We understand business challenges and are ready to provide Copilot Adoption Services (CAS) to our valued customers.

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Copilot

Our AI Center for Excellence (CoE) is focused on developing data-driven AI solutions and accelerators to help businesses make data-enabled smarter decisions, automate processes, and enhance customer experiences. Our team of experts combines machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning algorithms to enable organizations to unlock valuable insights and gain a competitive edge.

Transform Organization’s Digital Presence

We, at Quadwave, have executed multiple projects for various industry leaders and love to help our customers in establishing their customer centricity by maximizing digital asset adoption.

Trusted by Top Global Organizations

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