Built a World-Class Web-based Enterprise iBPM Solution (Europe based)


A European Product Company wanted to build a world-class Web based Enterprise BPM Product on JavaScript Platform




Customers Installations



Annual Revenue achieved in 5 years


Gartner Magic Quadrant Listing


The Swiss Customer wanted to build a BPM solution using JavaScript Platform

The customer wanted a web based unified Enterprise BPM solution integrating App builder, Form designer, Enterprise Manager, Work center.

Our Solution

  • A comprehensive web-based enterprise solution unifying various BPM products from process designer to work center.

  • Multiple BPM components integrated into one Portal based solution

  • Mobile & Tablet enabled and HTML5 based cross platform solution

  • WYSIWIG Form Designer

  • Business users can draw and deploy business processes

Tech & Tools Used

Java, Ext-JS, Angular-JS, Prototype-JS

Spring frameworks

Support all major databases - Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, HSQL, DB2, Derby, PostgreSQL and H2

BPMN 2.0 compliant processes and CMMN 1.0 compliant cases

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