The Venturator – Deal Discovery Platform



The Venturator Deal Discovery Platform is an independent product built on top of the Amper Application Acceleration Platform (AmperAXP). AmperAXP provides an easy and reliable platform for venture capitalists and start-ups to come together and achieve their business goals.

The Challenge

With large number of startups getting formed, The Venturator wanted to build a virtual liaising platform to facilitate the meeting between fund seekers and the funding agencies or individuals.

Venture Capitalists, Angel/HNI Investors, or financial corporations/equity/Institutional investors are always in search of good avenues to invest and there are start-ups who seek funding for their business requirements. Start-ups may be at an early stage or at various degrees of establishment and hence need different fund requirements. With the Deal Discovery platform, The Venturator wanted to connect the Entrepreneurs with the Ecosystem Enablers.

The system had to be built and rolled out in a quick time to cater to the ever-growing need of this kind of investment matchmaking.

The Solution

The Venturator – Deal Discovery Platform brings these two set of people (Investors and Entrepreneurs) together on to a common platform, so that, both of them can achieve their respective goals.

The platform, while being extremely secure, provides the entrepreneur to provide all necessary documents to the prospective investors in a controlled manner. For example, a startup may decide to ask to sign a specific NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before they present something. The built-in secure document repositories combined with processes flows make this possible by providing the scalability and security of the documents.

The Venturator’s Patent Pending technology creates a Startup Risk Profile that provides an extra edge to the platform along with stringent security and scalable business rules. That is a great value-add to the investors.

The Venturator allows both the parties to register and define the requirements based on the sector, risk factors, and funding amount. The system contains a large number of processes such as process of submission, accepting guidelines (Instructions are provided to both the parties regarding what has to be conveyed to the partner and what should not to be.), pitch and presentation (including meeting request management), accepting legal procedures among others, etc.

The venture capitalists hold some interest in a particular industry or specified projects. The area of interest may vary. They invest in startups matching their investment preferences. For example, the preferences can be:

  • Early start-ups with ideas ready and plan-B on paper (Concept stage – Preliminary stage of the business).
  • Start-up with business strategy and operations running smoothly, however, awaiting for fund (Seed stage – Seed money is the first cheque a start-up receives externally).
  • Established start-up (Growth stage – Running a good business and a big amount required to run the business).
  • The risk appetite they sustain (Funding amount).
  • Interested only in certain sectors.
  • The equity (percentage or share in the business) they prefer to own.
  • Not interested to the risk with the early start-ups.
  • Ready to invest for an early start-up with small-scale investment.


The Entrepreneurs require fund for building their business. They also can have some preferences for choosing the venture capitalist. For example, the preferences can be:

  • Ability to provide fund and aid in growing the business.
  • Ability to mentor and steer the entrepreneurs through the initial challenges of the business.
  • Able to help entrepreneurs with their network to expand the business.
  • Source of the fund.
  • The reliability of the funds.
  • The ability to fund for the required time period.
  • Support assured during the business fluctuations.


The two parties mentioned above are spread out and they do not have communication with each other. The solution brings them together under the same roof and allows them to achieve a win-win situation.

The Benefits

  • The entire Venturator – Deal Discovery Platform was developed on top of AmperAXP.
  • From ideation to go-live, with many processes, it took less than 4 months; including the hosted platform.
  • AmperAXP provided a multi-tenant Enterprise portal and out-of-the-box Document Management System to support the solution.
  • The application developed is mainly meta-data oriented and hence, any change takes less than couple of days to make and roll-out!
  • AmperAXP as an “Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)”, helped the customer to reduce the scale related risks by passing on the costs of only used application segments
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