What is Quadwave’s 360 degree BPM?

There is more to BPM than workflows and process automation. BPM cuts across different horizontals, across industries and departments within those industries. Wherever there are different transactions and activities taking place, one thing is sure. It can always be made better, more streamlined with the help of BPM. Quadwave’s BPM offering is unique because it provides a 360 degree solution. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. There are three scenarios in which we offer our services as BPM super experts. All these scenarios put together complete the BPM circle, or our 360 degree BPM solution.

Creating BPM Products

We help BPM vendors come up with a BPM solution that satisfies their requirements. They could either be someone new in the BPM space or someone who wants a technology upgrade of their product for the current and future market. Sometimes, the customer might not even be aware that they need a BPM product. A case in point would be one of our customers in the Remote Infrastructure domain did not want a BPM product per se. They wanted a rules engine, a process engine, and an events engine to collectively work together to help monitoring and management of systems, digital assets, very effective as ITIL version 3. These processes had to be automated for their other customers. The BPM product we created for them was hence, highly customized.

Implementing BPM Solutions

Our customers in this scenario can be of two types. The first is a pure play BPM implementation, where an enterprise might approach us asking for help in automating their processes, which we are most happy to provide them. In the second scenario, customers most often aren’t aware of what exactly they need. They only know that they have a problem and they need a solution. As BPM solution providers, we consult these clients and show them why investing in a BPM solution would be the best option of all. It is a well-known fact that a BPM product invariably helps customers implement processes much faster than custom coding. The simple reason for this is that change management is easier and smoother and time taken to change, acceptance of change and rollout of change is very short when using BPM. When you actually buy a BPM product, reuse of that across departments is much easier, and all these leads to faster ROI.


Post development or implementation of a BPM product, Quadwave also provides support and training users, helping in taking the product live. Our 360 degree expertise covers all aspects, creating a holistic solution that can be exclusively based on what the customer needs.

360 degree bpm

Use Case

Who – multinational that deals with salary processing outsourcing

What – Calculations were done individually and would take a long time. Needed a product they could sell to multiple customers who could define their own rules for payroll.

Quadwave’s Solution – We built a product on top of a BPM engine, making it effective, efficient, and faster for ROI.

Click the link Ministry of Transport and Communication of Oman (MOTC) to read how Quadwave helped automate the entire maritime certification for Ministry of Transport in the Middle East.