What is BPM?

Business Process Management, or BPM, emerged as a management practice, a way for business processes to be aligned so that they are optimized to meet the needs of the clients of an organization as well as industry challenges. However, BPM has evolved and grown into a more holistic process, which is not concerned just with the technological implementation but is also a road map of sorts for human interaction which takes place, parallel with technology. After all, workflows are required in every aspect of business, even today. Read More

What is ProductizeIT?

How can an IT enabled services company which is entirely focused in its own domain, change the nature of the game and take that leap that will multiply its revenues ten times over? The answer lies in productizing their services to reach out to a global audience, maximizing the return on the investment on operation cost. Most IT enabled service providers know how best to solve the problems of their clients and ensure that they meet all their needs. But without the right IT partner, such service providers are never able to reach their full potential where they can achieve quicker ROI and better their performance. Read More

What is Microsoft CoE?

Quadwave has an enduring relationship with Microsoft, and it has continued growing step by step over the years. With a deep understanding of MS technologies, products and the direction, we have been working as a partner with Microsoft, delivering various projects for Microsoft, MS Partners and MS references for over six years. Quadwave is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development Competency. We have a large team of dedicated .NET professionals, who can deliver applications using various MS Technologies Read More