A company is made up of its people and who we are is essentially a factor of who our people are. And it goes without saying that happy people are productive people. At Quadwave, we not only focus on productivity but also proactively work towards keeping our people happy.

Happiness is subjective and means many things to different people at different levels. At Quadwave,we like to consider the Happiness Pyramid as our model for happiness because, in the end, it is what we want to achieve. From the bottom of the pyramid, where basic needs are taken care of, we move on to higher levels of esteem and self-actualization. Our aim is to ensure that everyone at Quadwave is under our happiness scanner and comes away, feeling good about achieving their goals, and on a higher level, giving meaning to life and of course, being a part of our family.


Ours is a growing company and yet, nearing 200 employees, we try and maintain a status quo wherein people know each other by their names and not just by their functions. It’s a fun and informal atmosphere at Quadwave, where even though by definition we are all workaholics, we also stay true to our families. Family members of employees are regularly involved in our QCares activities and it’s a good old gathering during our Annual Day bash when everyone gets to let their hair down.

Our internal Culture management team, Ethos keeps track of all the birthdays, anniversaries and joining dates and we ensure that everyone has a bit of fun, at the monthly parties celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and games that get every body involved.

Regular training sessions are conducted to ensure that all the employees stay on top of the game. This scenario soon plays out into our own employees taking up training for their fellow co-workers in fields that they may have expertise.

Overall, the atmosphere at Quadwave is friendly, informal and yet committed and focused. There is a sense of contentment and jovial co-existence among our employees, constantly reinforcing our belief that happy employees are productive employees.