About the Company

Quadwave is a global services company that helps clients transform in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM) , Product Development (ProductizeIT), and Technology (Java, Web, OpenSource and Microsoft). The company operates in a way to fuse insight, creativity, and technology to drive innovation and to help clients navigate complex business problems. Quadwave is part of case studies on the global giant Microsoft, having been the IT partner delivering India’s largest stock trading portal ICICI Direct. Quadwave is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The company has clients in India, Europe, USA and Middle-East.


At Quadwave, we like to provide 360 degree BPM Solutions. The reason we call it thus, is because ours is a comprehensive and far reaching approach when it comes to BPM.

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Productizing a service has measurable benefits, primary among them being exponential growth and ROI. Quadwave launched ProductizeIT in 2010 and since then it has become one of our strongest and most definitive offerings.

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Microsoft CoE

Quadwave has an enduring relationship with Microsoft, and it has continued growing step by step over the years. With a deep understanding of MS technologies, products and the direction, we have been working as a partner with Microsoft

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