Quadwave is a global services company that helps clients transform their businesses in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM), Product Development (ProductizeIT), and Technology Services (Java, Web, OpenSource and Microsoft). When it comes to BPM, Quadwave has been touted a game changer by their clients.

The ProductizeIT engagement creates a higher turnover for clients, ensuring faster ROI and exponential returns. In the Technology department too, Quadwave is not lagging behind. The ideals behind the company are to infuse insight and creativity into technology to drive innovation and to help clients navigate complex business problems.

Quadwave is part of case studies on the global giant Microsoft, having been the IT partner responsible for delivering India’s largest stock trading portal ICICI Direct. Quadwave is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The company has clients in India, Europe, USA and Middle-East.


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What Our Clients Say

Interactive and dynamic UI, enhanced user experience have really helped us to go to the next level, with our partners Microsoft and Quadwave.


Yagnesh Parikh

( CTO and Sr Vice President – Information Technology, ICICI Securities )

'Retention and Employee Knowledge Management is Quadwave’s biggest forte.'


S. Ganga

( Head of IT, Medtronic, India )

'Quadwave rocks! Thank you for all your efforts. It's truly appreciated'


Spencer Land

( Director, Global Associates )

Our Clients

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